Pilot Program One-Pager

Pilot Program One-Pager

Apply for access to $5k in grants, up to $5k in bonus prizes, and potential matched funds from ecosystem partners like Filecoin.

Onboard Web3 Builders via Tableland’s Pilot Program

Apply for access to $5k in grants, up to $5k in bonus prizes, and potential matched funds from ecosystem partners like Filecoin. Our 4th cohort launches (tentatively) in mid-April (8 weeks long), and applications are now open: Apply Here

Pilot Program Overview

The Pilot Program supports teams exploring new use cases made possible by combining Tableland’s decentralized database with core web3 tools.

Tableland supports teams with funding, technical mentors, public showcases and more, helping early stage projects create a proof of concept, and supporting more established teams through their next stage of growth and funding. For a deeper dive, check out the following blog posts:

Several Pilot Program teams are already building novel concepts using Tableland with Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Filecoin, and more. See the showcase of projects: here.

What is Tableland?

Tableland is a web3-native relational database. It’s a permissionless, serverless network running SQLite that sits alongside chains like Ethereum and L2s. Tableland extends chains with low cost mutability while queries to the Tableland network allow for the most recent on-chain actions to be openly read by off-chain applications. This allows for mutable data with immutable rules.

How does Tableland work?

Tableland’s smart contracts are deployed on multiple chains. Smart contracts or EOAs can create tables (ERC721 tokens) and then write SQL to them (to event logs). The Tableland network of validator nodes listen to these events and materialize them in a local SQLite database and propagate results. The table changes are controlled by access controls that are all defined by on-chain rules.

Who Should Apply?

The possibilities are endless! If you’re looking for an alternative to expensive, difficult to query on-chain data or a web3-native SQL database, then apply! Some key use cases:

  • Gaming ⇒ For gaming developers, many have had to use centralized databases to function. Existing web3-native solutions are not performant enough for the end user experience, and it’s also impossible to store certain images / files on-chain.
  • NFTs ⇒ Static PFPs or gaming assets are inherently limited. Dynamic, customizable NFTs offer new engagement models while also sticking to a web3-native database implementation. Tableland tables offer a great way to efficiently store metadata and update based on various actions.
  • Tooling ⇒ This is intentionally broad. It could be anything from tooling for DAOs to NFT platforms to anything that wants to provide Tableland as a decentralized deployment option.

These are just a few common examples, but all applicants will be thoroughly reviewed! Plus, Tableland has support for all builder types: JavaScript / TypeScript SDK, CLI, or smart contracts.


Every team accepted has a unique set of opportunities during and after the 8 week program:


Direct access to the Tableland team (Discord, Notion, weekly meetings).


Build independently within a group of like minded people.


Amplification and exposure to partners like Filecoin.

GTM Strategy

Get feedback on strategic go-to-market ideas and product growth.

Continuity Funding

Support in securing continuity funding (grants, accelerators, etc.).

How Funding Works

For every Pilot Program cohort, Tableland accepts open applications from projects in the ecosystem. We run extensive vetting of promising projects and select only those with the highest caliber and potential for success.

Launching on Tableland

More established product teams that are building new features or extensions to their project using Tableland. These teams are eligible for up to $15k in grants ($5k guaranteed, $5k potential in bounties, and another $5k potential through funding from co-sponsoring program Chairs).

Relevant Links

Feel free to check out the following resources, and reach out on Discord with any questions: