Looking Back on Season 4

Looking Back on Season 4

A brief summary of highlights during Tableland’s “Season 4,” including protocol upgrades, the Rigs Garage, and other new products.

Looking Back on Season 4

A brief summary of highlights

By: @Eighty Steele

Tableland organizes work into 3 month blocks called Seasons. Although we’re currently in Season 5 (which spans Q4 2022 → Q1 2023), we wanted to look back on Season 4 to reflect on all the amazing work that set us up for Season 5.

When we started Season 4 back in June, the protocol, the network, and the ecosystem pretty much didn't exist! Here’s a brief summary of the highlights, and be sure to dig into our Tweet thread for even more detail.

Finally, to see what’s queued up you can pop over to our Roadmap.

Season 4 highlights

  1. Tableland Rigs, our 3k generative community NFT built from 1,074 handcrafted works of art, was launched, sold out, and became a key component of our growing Tableland ecosystem.
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  3. We doubled down on SQLite (the most widely deployed database in the world), onboarded Tableland’s first set of network validators, and those validators independently achieved and maintained table state consensus.
  4. We released and open sourced the Tableland CLI.
  5. We launched and wrapped our first cohort of the Tableland Pilot Program, which went so well that we kicked off Pilot Program II.
  6. We built and released the Tableland Dashboard beta:
  7. BlueYard Capital hosted Tableland for an architecture walkthrough and demo:
  8. We launched a revamped docs site.
  9. We launched the Tableland Engineering Blog featuring new features in our SDK, contracts, and CLI.
  10. We launched the Tableland SQL Specification designed for web3 native SQL applications and open sourced our SQL parser.
  11. We hosted several Town Halls, interviews, and workshops—pop over to the Tableland YouTube channel to catch up.
  12. Tableland launched on Optimism and Polygon.
  13. We launched new Solidity tooling for a better developer experience with Tableland smart contracts.
  14. Tableland partnered with Toucan on climate responsibility by offsetting carbon from the Tableland Rigs mint.
  15. We had 50 developer teams build—and win prizes—at ETHGlobal and ETHOnline hackathons, including Dino Run, Mint Tea, Proof of Product, and Web3 Community.
  16. We had prize winners at the “1, 2, Web3” hackathons hosted by Moralis and Protocol Labs
  17. We hosted our first community Convergence event

Are you interested in helping us ship even more stuff in 2023? We’re currently hiring a full time product designer to join our core contributor team. Join us!