Announcing Launch Week

Announcing Launch Week

Tableland Launch Week will help developers get up and running with major changes to the protocol and clients.

Announcing Launch Week

Check out Launch Week for a number of major Tableland client and protocol changes.

By @Dan Buchholz

Over the past few months, the team behind Tableland has been heads down, building. We have been hyper-focused on the developer experience with major updates to our SDK, new features in the CLI, and tons of protocol changes to enhance the overall SQL usage and experience.

If you haven’t already, check out our previous post about some of these coming changes: Engineering Updates | December 2022

Launch Week

With all these exciting changes coming up, we decided to kick off a whole Launch Week (week of Jan. 16th, 2023) to celebrate. It’s a week of all things Tableland where we’ll be releasing new versions of various clients, blog posts that describe them, docs to show how to use them, and extended office hours for help while making the transition.


Everything kicks off on @January 16, 2023 when we start to push changes to production. In short, Launch Week will include the release of our:

  • Refactored JavaScript SDK (v4).
    • Closely follows Cloudflare D1 API.
    • Simplified syntax with a single prepare method (instead of create, write, read).
    • Compatible with D1 tooling.
  • Interactive CLI.
    • Open a Tableland shell for easy querying.
    • Makes it easier to create dynamic queries and interact in real time with the Tableland network.
  • Human-readable table names within the CLI.
    • Query tables using ENS domain text records.
    • Developers can register an ENS and subdomains for a set of tables.
  • New SQL features.
    • Compound select statements—two or more simple SELECT statements may be connected together to form a compound SELECT using the UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operator.
    • UPSERT support (ordinary INSERT statement that is followed by the special ON CONFLICT clause).
    • Custom functions for writes (BLOCK_NUM() and TXN_HASH) and reads (BLOCK_NUM(<chain_id>)).
    • More stability in the SQL specification, and a whole lot more!
  • Protocol.
    • Separation between the testnet and mainnet validator code.
    • Implementation of the SQL-related features noted above.
    • And a fully revamped core Validator API.


That’s a lot to cover! But don’t worry—as you start to dive into these new releases, there will be a number of blog posts that walk through everything in more detail, including SDK migration. There’s also an exciting project that will make it easy to get started with dynamic Tableland NFTs using some boilerplate code, so keep an eye out for that as well.

Office hours will also be hosted on @January 18, 2023 and @January 19, 2023 for an extended period of time, starting at 10am PST. Please drop by if you have any questions with all of the new tech!

Lastly, there will be updates about the teams being accepted into Pilot Program 3. Applications are closing soon, so apply if you’re interested!